Wi-Fi Analyzer: Check Your Wi-Fi Speed With This Android App

The identification of any complication within the channel of a wireless network or any issues associated with it and guiding it towards the free channel is done using a Wi-Fi analyzer. The slow and sluggish internet surfing mainly results from a complication or jammed wireless network. The minimum requirements for the browser in order to be compatible with a Wi-Fi analyzer are Mozilla Firefox and IE 8 (Internet Explorer 8).

This is an effective way to determine the issues related to Wi-Fi and suggest a better channel to route the access through the device that is in use like a computer or mobile to perform as a self-analysis machine to detect the channel which is free from congestion. The lowest version of the Wi-Fi Analyzer is free from advertisements and upgrades can be purchased from the app itself in case an individual requires it. It is an open source network which helps in optimizing and verifying the Wi-Fi connections around in order to fetch the capacity and strength of the signal along with eliminating the jammed channels.

The privacy concern of a user is the highest priorities nowadays, so this open source network, the Wi-Fi analyzer is permissible to use the minimum number of channels and is restricted within the possible norms. This is mainly used for analyzing the procedure. It has no hidden values being an open source network. The requirement for internet in order to access is not necessary so it enhances the reliability as the exchange of information in any form is not possible either to or from any device or resources.


  • Actively used and developed by main volunteers.
  • Being free from purchase, it has no additional advertisements popping up and collection of any personal data is prohibited.
  • The breakthrough by bypassing the password of a Wi-Fi is not permissible through Wi-Fi analyzer.

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