Squid The News App – Delivering Latest News In A Personalized Form

SQUID is a new delivering app that allows its clients to choose what kind f news they prefer.  It is the news buddy for its users. It provides the complete right to its users to select the categories of news that should be present in their newsfeed. It keeps its user up to date along with entertainment. They have built this app in a very creative way. One can find out whatever is happening across the world. Squid does not require any registration for using it.

An individual can choose the field he or she is most passionate about and have a newsfeed personalized with those topics. Even the news is available in local languages hence reader can get hold of the fresh best news at any time or place. It allows sharing of articles among friends and family through messaging, mail or other social networks. Downloading Squid means swimming in an ocean of news.

They have a wide range of topic to select from. They allow users to personalize their news feed as they want to. People can subscribe or unsubscribe a topic whenever they don’t feel like watching one.  Squid is always overloaded with a fresh lot of news. It provides a reader-friendly view for its user or they can even directly read from the website of the publisher. And the most important feature is Squid is available in various languages.

And this can be done simply by changing the language setting from the option setting. Starting from English to French, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, and Catalan Squid is available in all these languages. It also has news available in English of an International version. Squid is planning to add a number of languages as soon as possible.

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