Designing And Development Of Nextdoor App

Nextdoor is the ultimate app which has been crafted for the private social network of a neighbourhood. Through the Nextdoor app, anyone anywhere can track what’s happening in their neighbourhood even when they are away from it. Neighbours can come to help in many situations like the last-minute babysitting, knowing about some sudden block party or maybe a car break-in. What is required is just staying connected with them.

What can be done on Nextdoor?

In next-door app users can create a personal website for their neighbourhood. Members of Nextdoor can share important recommendations like electricians, plumbers and many more.

Approx. cost of Nextdoor

Members whoever wants to join next door are free to do so and will not be charged anything.

People across the country use Nextdoor to:

• Stay connected to the neighbourhood to keep idea about any break-ins, any sudden theft, weather alerts and other important notices if any.

• In its Classifieds section members can find, sell and give away items whatever they do not want any more.

• Get information when in need of service providers like plumbers, electricians, roofers, contractors, and many more.

• Seeking neighbour’s help in searching lost pets.

• Know about fun in the neighbourhood, any events, rallies or even yard sales.

• Take help of the neighbourhood’s best babysitters, dog walkers, and pet sitters.

Fences around the house are necessary at times but online privacy is a must thing always which is extremely important. Next door is safe and secure to share any details online.

This is how it is possible

    It is must for every neighbour to verify their address.

    Every neighbour is instructed to sign in with their real name all by themselves in person.

    Nextdoor app protects the website created by a group of users by password and encrypted by HTTPS.

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