Android Pay: Checkout The New Payment App From Google

To ease the convenience of online payments that are done by users using Android devices, Android Pay has been launched by Google which acts as a digital wallet app both payments through the application as well as a tap in order to pay system. The system of NFC (near field communications) is implemented and used by this app which enhances the fund transfer system to a retailer in order to make payments.

A user can use this as a no-touch payment in most of the countries by replacing the PIN of credit as well as debit cards and the magnetic stripe by using Android pay, but it is mandatory that the verification done during transaction should be two factors and double. This system enables the Android devices to connect among each other wirelessly through the NFC at the point of sale.

The authentication procedures such as scanning of a fingerprint are available on Android Pay. The passcode is applicable to such devices which do not support the fingerprint scanning. The card number of a user in never passed over to a merchant when a payment is made. This app creates a random account number virtually which denotes the information for the account of the user. This is the main privacy policy for the safekeeping of a user’s data. The process of OTP generation also comes into play during the payments session.

A simple image of the card can be taken in order to link it to the payment method, or simply by putting in the information of the card. During payments, a user just needs to hold the device which is authenticated to pay towards the system of sale. The device then is checked for being secure and the authentication of the payment is done automatically also along with the unlocking of the necessary data required.

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